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Empowering and Connecting Ethiopian and Ethiopian American Community in Atlanta

Becoming a member of the Ethiopian Community Association in Atlanta (ECAA) offers numerous advantages. It offers a platform to build meaningful relationships, fostering a sense of belonging within a community of shared interests and experiences.

Ethiopian Community Association,  as a non-profit membership based organization, run by elected volunteers from members as Board of Directors and Executive Committee members.  Every two years members/ the general assembly elect Board of directors and Executive comity members to serve the Association for the following two years.

Being a member of ECAA has lots of benefit; just to mention a few, membership allow you to meet and know different people from your country,  being and belonging to a common interest group, exchange valuable information, share ideas and attend different events and functions at the center also allow you to join Edir.

Anyone with Ethiopian heritage, Ethiopian and Ethiopian-American that lives in Atlanta and the area, regardless of their living status in the US, or regardless of their ethnicity, race or religion can be a member.

The annual membership fee for the association is $30.00/person and if one chooses to be a member of Edir the annual membership is