The Association was started by a few thoughtful Ethiopians who wanted to help other new arriving Ethiopians in Atlanta area and adjust in the new environment. In 1983 they gathered together and started and incorporated the Association as a Georgia non-profit organization.  Later, Ethiopian Community Association received a 501(c)(3) organization a tax exempt status from US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Ethiopian Community Association,  as a non-profit membership based organization, run by elected volunteers from members as Board of Directors and Executive Committee members.  Every two years members/ the general assembly elect Board of directors and Executive comity members to serve the Association for the following two years.





Being a member of ECAA has lots of benefit; just to mention a few, membership allow you to meet and know different people from your country,  being and belonging to a common interest group, exchange valuable information, share ideas and attend different events and functions at the center also allow you to join Edir.

Anyone with Ethiopian heritage, Ethiopian and Ethiopian-American that lives in Atlanta and the area, regardless of their living status in the US, or regardless of their ethnicity, race or religion can be a member.

The annual membership fee for the association is $30.00/person and if one chooses to be a member of Edir the annual membership is

The benefit enormous, most Ethiopians know very well the value Edir.

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