ECAA Director

Message from the Director

Dear Atlanta Ethiopian Community Association members and Ethiopians living in Atlanta and surrounding areas:

To those of you who have rendered great service with your knowledge, money and time, I would like to say thank you. I greet you with my outmost love and respect because I believe we all are one Ethiopian family you are my fathers, mothers, brothers and my sisters:

Thanks be to God, the creator of the universe, for allowing us to succeed in our endeavor specially in the last two years. Right now, the result of your hard work and effort is at the highest point in our community and it shows. I am always grateful for this great opportunity to serve my community in this capacity. Thank you for believing in me and electing me for this great responsibility and I am so grateful for serving the community as a director.

We Ethiopians, we don’t only tell our story, we are making history too. Thanks for our heroes of the past for leaving us a culture of good community that care for each other. Although our native country Ethiopia is going through difficult times, we are sharing the grief as well as the victory as one Ethiopian people here.
We have demonstrated in Atlanta that we are a wonderful people who will care for one another and pass it on to the next generation.
What is left will be done by the future generations of Ethiopians who are eager to follow our footsteps. Our work here is a living proof. Our community is now in a state where no one can challenge it, despite many challenges and struggles

We have a lot of work ahead of us: We need to create adequate recreation area for children, young people and recreation space for our elderly citizens. By working together, caring for our community, bringing children and young people into the community:

In the spirit of Ethiopiawinet your participation in the community is expected more than ever, come to the community share your experiences, learn from others and enjoy life with community members.

Let us protect our Ethiopiawinet and our identity as free people our flag, green, yellow, and red and pass it on to future generations.

Yonas Tamiru
Atlanta Ethiopian Community Association