About Us


ECAA is a 501(c)(3) social, cultural and philanthropic organization. Our composition reflects the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of Ethiopia.
ECAA make every effort to promote successful integration of Ethiopians to the wider American society while preserving their cultural heritage. It is our goal to promote understanding and harmony between and among Ethiopians and members of the wider Georgia community by facilitating communication regarding the histories, backgrounds, languages and cultures of the respective communities.
Established on February 07, 1983, ECAA assists in the promotion of personal growth, financial stability, positive family and community relations and community empowerment. The adjustment and development of all of ECAA’s constituents is facilitated with programs in the areas of advocacy, education, employment, healthcare and community outreach.

Mission Statement

• To bring together Ethiopians and Ethio-Americans residing in the Atlanta area and to enable them to promote their common culture and heritage.
• To create an organizational power that encompass all Ethiopians and Ethio-Americans, who accept the bylaws of the association, without regard for their religion, sex, ethnicity, age, political view, and etc., and to empower them with an ability to act as one community to protect their rights.
• To provide counseling and support to community members in a time of death, illness, accident, disability, unemployment, and etc.
• To establish a multi use community center that can be used to provide services, such as education, training, entertainment, to community members and their family.
• To protect community’s youth from bad culture, criminal tendency, and substance abuse, and to provide them with counseling, training, and rehabilitation.
• To provide new community members with counseling that will enable them to transition to American culture and lifestyle.
• To protect community members from human rights violations and injustice, and to forge common front when such transgression occurs.
• To organize and empower community members to seek political, economic, higher education, and vocational training benefits.
• To provide community youth with scholarship opportunities and to promote their efforts in seeking other scholarship opportunities and social services.

• Collaborated with other agencies and developed programs that address the needs of a more settles communities. Initiatives include career counseling and entrepreneurship.
• Organized a computer-training program for immigrants and refugees.
• Strengthened and expanded the youth development and recreation program into an after-school program that offers tutoring, sports, games and art activities.
• Instituted Ethiopian holiday and New Year celebrations. This event has been highly acclaimed as opportunity for Ethiopians to share their experiences and affirm their cultural identity.

Thank you ECAA Sponsors